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Navigating the future of telehealth

Telehealth has had a massive breakthrough during the COVID-19 pandemic, but where will the industry go next?

Join us for this on-demand webinar, and you’ll learn:

  • Which technology trends in telehealth are the fastest growing
  • How these technologies will change health care and as well as outcomes for patients and providers
  • How telehealth providers can adapt and win
  • The 3 megatrends you need to know

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    Speaker: Svein Willassen

    Svein Willassen is a long-time leader in the healthcare and communications industries. He was one of the founders of appear.in (now known as Whereby). In 2017 he founded Confrere, a leading telehealth platform that served 90%+ of healthcare minutes in Norway during COVID. Confrere was acquired in 2022 by Daily, where Svein now brings his healthcare insights to customers as a GM in the healthcare and European markets.

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    Host: Tonni Bennett

    Tonni is VP of Sales at Daily. Previously at Twilio and Terminus, she works with developers and technology platforms and is a trusted advisor to organizations across stages of product ideation, building, and launch.

The future of telehealth is coming fast - join us for a front-row seat to the changes coming to the healthcare industry.

This on-demand runs 40 minutes and was recorded using Butter.us

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